How To Turn Heads And Fill Any Room With Your Presence


Have you ever noticed extremely magnetic people? When they enter a room others cannot take their eyes off them.

Have you ever wondered what makes these people so powerful? Is it their looks? Is it what they are wearing? It’s simple. Confidence.

While looks and clothing can attract attention, the single most attractive feature anyone can have is self-love. Looks and clothes can only hold attention for a moment in this age of short attention spans. Whatever you believe about yourself, others will believe. Your inner thoughts will shine outward in your eyes, smile and posture.


Thoughts carry electrical energy that others can actually feel. Has a friend ever crossed your mind and suddenly you received a call from him or her? Our thoughts send signals.

My presence is very powerful because of the love I have for myself and others. But I was not always confident. Before I fell in love with myself I slumped my shoulders, held my head down and hid in shame.

When I fell deeply in love with myself, I became a powerful, magnetic person, and you can do the same. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Meditate on your positive qualities daily for 30 minutes. What helps you relax: music, walks in nature, exercise, prayer? When you are relaxed your mind opens up. List your positive qualities. For example: I am beautiful, powerful, wonderful, loved. Meditate on your positive qualities first thing in the morning or right before you fall asleep at night for maximum focus and relaxation.

2. Look in the mirror, deep in your eyes everyday and say, “I love you”. Think about someone you love deeply and give that love to yourself.

3. Accept your flaws. Do not hide your imperfections. Always be totally honest and transparent. True love is unconditional. Start by taking your make-up off for 30 days. That takes guts. #GoNaked

4. Look into people’s eyes when you talk to them and walk with your head up and shoulders straight. It may help to think about your list of positive qualities or repeat them silently like a mantra when you are talking to people. They will feel your positive thoughts and respond positively to you.

5. Be kind to yourself and others, but don’t be a door mat. Self-respect is key.

6. SMILE! Happiness is attractive!

7. Be true to yourself…ALWAYS! Do not copy or mimic anyone else. That sends the signal that you are not good enough as you are. Nothing compares to an ORIGINAL.


Follow these steps and you will soon fill the room with your wonderful, beautiful, powerful presence.

Remember, true beauty is not about how you look. It’s who you are! You are BEAUTIFUL!

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What Makes You Beautiful?

True beauty shines from the inside out.  What makes you beautiful?

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Remember, your first true love is YOU!


Does Your Inner Voice Love or Hate You?

Were you criticized a lot as a child or were you cherished, encouraged and nurtured to reach your potential?  Either way, the words spoken to us in childhood stay with us throughout life.  If you were criticized a lot, you may struggle with self-confidence and self-esteem.  Whoever criticized you may have passed on their self-hate to you.  And like all children you believed what adults told you.

Well, no matter what lies you were told in childhood, it is time for you to take charge of your inner voice.  Every day until September 7th look in the mirror, directly into your eyes and tell yourself the truth! YOU ARE AMAZING!

Step one:

Take a moment and make a list of 10 things that make you amazing.

Step two:

Focus on your inner qualities and not how you look.

Step three:

Everyday when you look in the mirror say the list of things that make you amazing as you look deep into your own eyes.

You are changing your inner voice by taking these steps!

If you struggle with self-esteem and self-confidence it may be difficult to take these steps.  Self-hate is a bad habit that needs to be broken.  So join us for the Go Naked 30 Day Challenge.  Do you cover your insecurities with make-up, designer clothes, and other superficial things?  Insecurity is fear that you are not good enough as you are.  Find the courage to uncover your insecurities so your true beauty can shine.  True beauty has nothing to do with looks, it is who you are on the inside.

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30 Day Challenge. Go NAKED!


Are you insecure? The truth is 91% of women do not like their bodies. Why are we so insecure?

I challenge you to go 30 days without make-up,  hair extensions or fake nails. Go naked! This is the ultimate test of your confidence!

Do you feel anxiety at the thought of exposing your true beauty to the world?  It can be terrifying if you believe the image of beauty constantly plastered into your brain on TV, social media and magazine covers. Do you look at those false images and feel ugly or fat in comparison? DON’T! Only 5% of women fit the image of beauty portrayed in the media. So, DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE! EVERY woman is beautiful. Never compare yourself to another woman.

True beauty shines from the inside out when you love yourself totally and completely as you are. There is nothing more beautiful than self-love.

So take off your mask for the next 30 days. Shut out judgements from yourself and other people. Turn off the TV. Take a break from social media. Instead, look in the mirror every day and smile at yourself and say, “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!”

It’s the TRUTH! You ARE Beautiful. So, be yourself and SHINE!

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If It Doesn’t Help You Grow…LET IT GO!

Why are you holding on to people and things that are holding you back? The Blue Moon on July 31st presented an opportunity to let that baggage go.  The cycles of the moon represent cycles in our lives.  Full moons represent endings.  Pay attention to things that happen in your life during full moons.  We are connected to everything…each other, nature, animals, the planets.

What I noticed about July 31st was the ending of partnerships that were holding me back.  One partnership was personal, and one was professional.  I am looking forward to greater success in every area of my life as I release the negativity that was weighing me down through these connections.  I wasn’t planning for these endings to happen.  They just happened. Naturally.

As you grow, people and things in your life will fall away naturally.  Let go.

Keep Rising!